The global acting group GOLDEN BULWARK was founded in 2015 by Deniz Türkmen based in Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany. The mission is to bring young and talented people together. GOLDEN BULWARK is segmented into the sectors GOLDEN BULWARK investment club, GOLDEN BULWARK school of arts, GOLDEN BULWARK orchestra, GOLDEN BULWARK production and GOLDEN BULWARK magazine.

“When I had decided to start GOLDEN BULWARK in 2015 I had a vision. A global acting unique group of young and talented people. We live in a world full of anger and hatred – art is the best medicine against it! Of course we change not the world but we make it to a better place…”

– Deniz Türkmen

17 projects, concerts and seminars took place in 2015, also called GOLDEN BULWARK events, 17 events that paved the way for GOLDEN BULWARK to grow so rapidly. Since 2019, over 1000 events have taken place worldwide every year, made possible by the numerous members around the world.

Over time, the golden troop was divided into five sections:
I. The investment club that was founded in Rome to make long-term investments. The gear that keeps an eye on finances.
II. The school of arts where the next generation is educated in different places around the world.
III. The orchestra, the heart of GOLDEN BULWARK, which today is mainly very active in California and Florida.
IV. The production team, without them there would be no recordings, and certainly not this website.
V. Lastly, the writers who keep our readers updated on the events and write various articles on music, technology, finance and other interesting topics.